Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Break

It is officially Thursday of spring break... where did the time Go? My spring break has been pretty good. Filled with Church stuff and school work. I did take one day all to myself so spend time with My friend's new baby. He turns one month old today. There is no better way to spend an entire day holding a baby! I've been busy writing, and re-writing a sermon, and trying to finish two mid terms and some papers. I have a feeling when I get back to school there maybe one long night. I do not have nearly as much work done at this point of the week as I should, but it will get done. I really needed this break. I had lunch with a good friend today, we had a great discussion, but it added to my state of confusion. Right now I'm wishing God wrote in the sky with Neon lights.

Anyway I just wanted get a blog post in the is week, back to my social process Mid term I go!

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