Friday, September 28, 2007

Ahh the school life

Ok So I know i spend a lot of time on here complaining and sounding very bitter, but I have to admit that i really do like school, and I like ministry. Sometimes it is just easier to complain....

So I'm almost halfway through first semester. Where does the time go??? And I am not feeling too overwhelmed by work and sermon writing. SO far I have a pretty good handle on things. Although I do have to admit that when emergencies come up ( such as my dad having a seizure.. more on that later) that it does put a really big cramp in my schedule and I end up having to turn in at least one thing late. But hey most people will tell you supervised ministries journal are crazy and if anything has to give it is that because we do plenty of work for that class. Anyway my class leader was understanding and it is turned in now.

Half of my classes are pretty interesting. I really like Christian ethics and as hard as it is to do the role playing that our prof makes us do it really does help. And she has been really great at bringing in a variety of perspectives, that are helping me shape my own voice. Also, my novel theologies class is really helping me understand what It is to form theologies and make connections where you thought it was not possible to make connections. I actually get excited to write papers for those two classes.

My other classes however..... how do I say this nicely...... I spend a lot of time saying why am I there. Supervised ministry, the class that goes with our "field experience" NOT GETTING ANY THING OUT OF IT! The class part that is. And my preaching class.. the readings are ok, but the class eeh . I guess I should be happy that I like 50% of my classes.

Ok So On to my Dad. He had "routine" surgery on Monday. The day surgery type of thing. He didn't feel good most of the day but he did feel awful. Well the Doctor prescribed him a pain killer that caused him to have seizure. Of course it didn't happen till the second time that he took it. My mom had been with him all day so I told her that I would stay up with him for a few hours and make sure he got his meds. So I gave him the pain pill and five minutes latter he said he felt nausea, and I knew from experience that was normal on pain meds, so I went to make him a peanut butter sandwich because sometimes if you eat something it helps. Well While I was doing that he had a seizure it was the scariest 3 minutes of my life. Come to find out it was an adverse side affect of the pain meds. Greeeeaaattt. Well needless to say that was the last time he took the med. He is doing better now. Still lots of swelling,but over all better.

Friday, September 21, 2007

More about the new title

Yes I am procrastinating when I really have no time to procrastinate. But anyway i wanted to explain about my new title. The New tile reflects my love and identification with Process theology. In my systematic class we talked a lot about process theology and my professor always talked about how instead God being a puppeteer God was beckoning us or luring us. I love the journey metaphor so i put it all together. Hopefully my blog post will be more reflective of this title. So far second year has been a rocky road so we'll see what happens.... Now back to planning my service for Sunday.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Blog title and website

I changed my blog title and website address to better reflect where I am theologically

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Blog title

So my blog title doesn't really fit with my process theology self..... any suggestions for a new title.. it does not have to be process theology related but it could be...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Beginings

Well I am three weeks into my time with the little country church that I am serving. My biggest struggle right now is that there are no children in the church. None the only children that have been in the church have been visiting and they have been infants.
It is very very frustrating. Although I was literally just offered help. One of my classmates has training in how to target youth and how to bring them in. AMEN! I am taking her up on that offer. And I am really going to do it. You all are my witnesses. Even if she can't help us it will at least be an attempt.

I feel like my preaching right now is shallow. Which I am largely in control over. Largely though I know it is that I don't feel connected to my congregation. Interestingly enough I have to write a paper about why I preach----> the theology of my preaching. I am hoping that may help me.

It is weird because I feel really in control of my course work. With the exception of the face that I do not have some of my textbook through no fault of my own. They aren't in the bookstore and the book list wasn't available for me to get them online. I have ordered the ones I can and I am just going on from there. And by in control of my work I mean I am getting it done. However, right now it is not as fulfilling as it was last year. Last year's work inspired me and energized me and this year it just isn't there.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The whirlwind

That wind that you hear blowing is coming from my spinning head. School is back in swing and by swing I mean full swing. Welcome to second year and here is you 800 pages of reading to do oh and yes I am also a quarter time pastor at a church where I am the only pastor. So as one of my friends put it I am "quarter -time" ( please notice the quotes). All in all it is going well. I am excited to be back and school in the learning, expanding my brain mode, and I like being able to see my friends and my boyfriend on a regular basis. I have to be very intentional about spending time with my friends because I am not living on campus this year.

So far my appointment is working out well. My congregates seem very supportive. I've preached about 5 times and I feel like there is improvement in my delivery, so i am happy about that. I am still in the feeling them out mode. Trying to figure out what changes they really want make vs what they say what changes they need.