Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The whirlwind

That wind that you hear blowing is coming from my spinning head. School is back in swing and by swing I mean full swing. Welcome to second year and here is you 800 pages of reading to do oh and yes I am also a quarter time pastor at a church where I am the only pastor. So as one of my friends put it I am "quarter -time" ( please notice the quotes). All in all it is going well. I am excited to be back and school in the learning, expanding my brain mode, and I like being able to see my friends and my boyfriend on a regular basis. I have to be very intentional about spending time with my friends because I am not living on campus this year.

So far my appointment is working out well. My congregates seem very supportive. I've preached about 5 times and I feel like there is improvement in my delivery, so i am happy about that. I am still in the feeling them out mode. Trying to figure out what changes they really want make vs what they say what changes they need.

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