Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Beginings

Well I am three weeks into my time with the little country church that I am serving. My biggest struggle right now is that there are no children in the church. None the only children that have been in the church have been visiting and they have been infants.
It is very very frustrating. Although I was literally just offered help. One of my classmates has training in how to target youth and how to bring them in. AMEN! I am taking her up on that offer. And I am really going to do it. You all are my witnesses. Even if she can't help us it will at least be an attempt.

I feel like my preaching right now is shallow. Which I am largely in control over. Largely though I know it is that I don't feel connected to my congregation. Interestingly enough I have to write a paper about why I preach----> the theology of my preaching. I am hoping that may help me.

It is weird because I feel really in control of my course work. With the exception of the face that I do not have some of my textbook through no fault of my own. They aren't in the bookstore and the book list wasn't available for me to get them online. I have ordered the ones I can and I am just going on from there. And by in control of my work I mean I am getting it done. However, right now it is not as fulfilling as it was last year. Last year's work inspired me and energized me and this year it just isn't there.

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BeccaBlue said...

I felt like my preaching was really shallow at first, too, mostly because of the stress of moving and trying to learn the ropes and not knowing anything about the congregation. In my experience, that passes in time.

Good luck finding the kids in that neck of the woods. They've had older male pastors for so long that it's a tough sell. When your friend is done there, send her on over to my place!