Friday, September 21, 2007

More about the new title

Yes I am procrastinating when I really have no time to procrastinate. But anyway i wanted to explain about my new title. The New tile reflects my love and identification with Process theology. In my systematic class we talked a lot about process theology and my professor always talked about how instead God being a puppeteer God was beckoning us or luring us. I love the journey metaphor so i put it all together. Hopefully my blog post will be more reflective of this title. So far second year has been a rocky road so we'll see what happens.... Now back to planning my service for Sunday.


BeccaBlue said...

dear kettle,

stop procrastinating! you have a worship service tomorrow!!!

love, the pot

Jan said...

I, too, tend to procrastinate. But I'm not in seminary, except for having to write my final dissertation and/or papers. I like your new title--it is more explicit than mine, which is "yeaning for God." But that's the truth for me, and I know it's because I was first "lured."