Friday, June 30, 2006

BevGalBlogPals Friday Five 4th of July

Finally I get to do one on a friday!!!
1) Do you celebrate 4th of July (or some other holiday representing independence?) Yes, my family always has it's my dad's birthday
2) When was the first time you felt independent, if ever? Wel.. Oh wait I still live at home... is the three years of grad school over yet!?!?!?!
3) If you're hosting a cookout, what's on the grill? I'm not host but we have a big family one and the grill items are a very small part of what's on the menu.. hambugers, chicken ( both grilled and fried, ribs, pork, clams, you name it it will probably at this pinic
4) Strawberry Shortcake -- biscuit or sponge cake? Discuss. Biscuits all the way with A Lot of whipped cream.. pound cake is acceptable as well, but never sponge cake
5) Fireworks -- best and worst experience worst: the empire state plaza when the ash came down on us Best: The international fireworks competition in Toronto

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Family Friends and a Sermon

Well the past week has been crazy again. Last week was spent at work and then it was jazz fest weekend. Which is one of the greatest weekends in Saratoga. Three of my aunts and my parents and I go every year. This year my Dad is working as an Usher at SPAC where the event is held so it was just me and mom getting things ready. You really do miss an extra hand. You see this is an all day event. We bring losts of food and and tables and you have to run at 8am to get a prime spot on the lawn. It is a very interesting expirence. However, a whole lot of fun. I got Jamie Collum's autograph and got to see a great new artist. I had just heard her on the radio a few days before and she is amazing. He name is Sonya Kitchell and you must check her out. She is absolsutly amazaing!! This year Jazzfest also included some friends and their families so it was quite the event!

This week has jsut flown by. I did my Friday Five post and just relaized I headlined it the TuUes. edition but it is really the it is WED. wehere did the time go???? This week has been busy with work as ususal. Tuesday I met with my parents' pastor. I used to attned church there and that is where my grandparnts also attend. I left when she came on board. Not because she came on board but becasue I was in transistion as well. We had a nice "getting to know you" chat.

I'm trying to write Sermon number two, but I don't feel as though i'm having as mcuh sucsess as I did with the first one. I'm not quite sure what it is. Speaking of Sermon I'm meeting with my Pastor tomorrow to get some much need help, but I must do some work before I can get help so I'm off....

Revgalblogpals Friday five Tues edition

Well this is a few days late but things have been crazy again as I'll tell you in my next post, but Ice cream is one of my favorite topics so here it is:
1. Ice cream: for warm weather only or a year-round food? YEAR ROUND FOOD
2. Favorite flavor(s) Cafe Moca Chip , Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz, and M&M oh and how could I forget Cookies and Cream
3. Cake cone, sugar cone, waffle cone, cup? Sugar cone
4. Childhood ice-cream memory I have several, Ben Jerry's Ice Cream cakes on my birhtday, The first time I was allowed to get Bubble gum ice cream, and Driving to Greenwhich to Mann's ( now the Ice Cream Man) to get ice cream
5. Banana splits: I have to be in the mood but when I am YUMMY!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lots going on

Sorry for no post last week. I'm really trying to make sure I post at least once a week, but that jsut didn't happen. Last week was a crazy week. I started job number two and I had to attend a funeral.

Job number two is at the Polo Club. I'm seating people in their boxes and making sure only those who have paid to get in as VIPs are there.I used to go to polo games with my mom when I was little and I always enjoyed it. I remeber though we were never allowed to go over onto the other side of the field, and I always wanted to. Well now I'm working on the other side of the field and let's just say it's interesting. I am enjoying so far and the crowds haven't been to big, so there haven't been too many problems.

The funeral I had to attend was in Williamsport,PA where I attended college. The younger brother of one of my really good friends from college died. HE was only 20 and died in a motorcycle accident. I was very close to the family when I was in college. Lyndy and I didn't like each other to much when I first arrived at school. HSe was two years older then me and the star of the our basketball team. However, by the end of the season we were close friends. My sophomore she and I were basicly inseperable. I used to go with her to her families house all the time and to her brother's soccer and basketball games.

This visit was obviously a sad visit. However, the family is handling it better then I could ahve ever imagined. It is amazing what community can do for you. All of Mitch's friends (which was almost probably about half of his graduating class of 150-200 kids) were up at the house the day after the accident sharing their memories of Mitch. They had to hold the memorial service at the high school because their were so many peopel there. All with funny stories to share about Mitch.

I don't know how to say this with out it sounding wierd, but it was the best funeral I have ever attended. Not in the way that I was happy that Mitch died. I defintely was not. It was the best in that it really honored Mitch and his Memory. THe music playing the begining was Rap/Hip Hop Music. The pastor was a clsoe family friend and we all knew Mitch wasn't relgious and the Pastor talked about Mitch and his relationship with other people and how he lived his life true to himself. He knew the Mitch would make the right choice when he came face to face with God. He spoke of how to comfort he family. IT was truly amazing and very comfoting. Then two of Mitch friends spoke and then Lyndy spoke. The all truly captured what Mitch's Life was about.

It made me realize that sometimes we get caught up in the traditons especaily funerals. It made realized that these events are about celebration. thee celbration of a life lived on earth and returned to God. It gave me a whole new out look on what a funeral should be.

I'm also preparing to to preach my second sermon in July. I'm still debating on the texts. Right now I'm inbetween preaching Mark 6 :30-34,53-56 or Ephesians 2 11-22. I might write sermons for both and then decide from there. I'm struggle a little with Mark text and I really like the Ephesians text but I'm afriad that sermon will sound to much like sermon number one. Sermon number one was about the inclusion of outsiders based on Acts 10:44-48. So that's goign to be my focus this week....

Friday, June 09, 2006

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five

This weeks friday five Rain:

1. Favorite way to spend a rainy day... Curled up on the Couch with a good book or an old movie
2. Favorite song about rain... Come Rain or Come Shine
3. Favorite movie featuring rain...Singing in the Rain
4. Favorite piece of raingear, past or present... I used to have this bright green rain coat tha had whales on the inside
5. Favorite word for rain...hmm this is hard i love spainsh so i'm going with Lluvia

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Upstate NY has never been know for great weather. Normally we have weather in extremes, extremely cold mostly, but for a few short months in summer we normally get extremely hot. Well, so far we have not gotten extremely hot, and I want to know where is the nice weather? The past few weeks have been nothing but cloudy and rainy. I want some sun!

Friday, June 02, 2006


Ever since I've decided to answer God's call to ministry there has been this internal struggle going on. It goes on for lots of reasons and I'm ok with that, but more recently it's centered around the issue that it seems everyone is always talking about: Homosexuality. I didn't want to blog about this issue and for a long time I just wanted to avoid it all together, but there is no avoiding it. Here's my thing WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL??? And yes I know I'm yelling. In no other way do I see us prying into someone's personal life except when that person is LGBT. Maybe I'm wrong there, but it seems like we focus on that more then anything else. I just can't understand why. Is there nothing else to focus on? Truly I know that there is. And I know that there are other issues and the LGBT issues are important as well, I just think we need to find a balance.

I mean the LGBT community has civil rights as well. Do we not remember the civil rights movement in the 50s 60s and 60s? There were people quoting the bible then saying Blacks were second class citizens and that races shouldn't mix. Now the majority of people look at those arguments and say wow they were crazy. Don't they see it's the same situation?

I have have very close friends who are part of the LGBT community who were very concerned about my entering the ministry. They see any just about all churches as places where they are excluded, they were afraid that I would exclude them. I refuse to do it.

I just don't understand how we got so tangled up in an argument over this issue. I pray we can resolve it.