Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Family Friends and a Sermon

Well the past week has been crazy again. Last week was spent at work and then it was jazz fest weekend. Which is one of the greatest weekends in Saratoga. Three of my aunts and my parents and I go every year. This year my Dad is working as an Usher at SPAC where the event is held so it was just me and mom getting things ready. You really do miss an extra hand. You see this is an all day event. We bring losts of food and and tables and you have to run at 8am to get a prime spot on the lawn. It is a very interesting expirence. However, a whole lot of fun. I got Jamie Collum's autograph and got to see a great new artist. I had just heard her on the radio a few days before and she is amazing. He name is Sonya Kitchell and you must check her out. She is absolsutly amazaing!! This year Jazzfest also included some friends and their families so it was quite the event!

This week has jsut flown by. I did my Friday Five post and just relaized I headlined it the TuUes. edition but it is really the it is WED. wehere did the time go???? This week has been busy with work as ususal. Tuesday I met with my parents' pastor. I used to attned church there and that is where my grandparnts also attend. I left when she came on board. Not because she came on board but becasue I was in transistion as well. We had a nice "getting to know you" chat.

I'm trying to write Sermon number two, but I don't feel as though i'm having as mcuh sucsess as I did with the first one. I'm not quite sure what it is. Speaking of Sermon I'm meeting with my Pastor tomorrow to get some much need help, but I must do some work before I can get help so I'm off....

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