Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Revgalblogpals Friday five Tues edition

Well this is a few days late but things have been crazy again as I'll tell you in my next post, but Ice cream is one of my favorite topics so here it is:
1. Ice cream: for warm weather only or a year-round food? YEAR ROUND FOOD
2. Favorite flavor(s) Cafe Moca Chip , Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz, and M&M oh and how could I forget Cookies and Cream
3. Cake cone, sugar cone, waffle cone, cup? Sugar cone
4. Childhood ice-cream memory I have several, Ben Jerry's Ice Cream cakes on my birhtday, The first time I was allowed to get Bubble gum ice cream, and Driving to Greenwhich to Mann's ( now the Ice Cream Man) to get ice cream
5. Banana splits: I have to be in the mood but when I am YUMMY!

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