Friday, June 02, 2006


Ever since I've decided to answer God's call to ministry there has been this internal struggle going on. It goes on for lots of reasons and I'm ok with that, but more recently it's centered around the issue that it seems everyone is always talking about: Homosexuality. I didn't want to blog about this issue and for a long time I just wanted to avoid it all together, but there is no avoiding it. Here's my thing WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL??? And yes I know I'm yelling. In no other way do I see us prying into someone's personal life except when that person is LGBT. Maybe I'm wrong there, but it seems like we focus on that more then anything else. I just can't understand why. Is there nothing else to focus on? Truly I know that there is. And I know that there are other issues and the LGBT issues are important as well, I just think we need to find a balance.

I mean the LGBT community has civil rights as well. Do we not remember the civil rights movement in the 50s 60s and 60s? There were people quoting the bible then saying Blacks were second class citizens and that races shouldn't mix. Now the majority of people look at those arguments and say wow they were crazy. Don't they see it's the same situation?

I have have very close friends who are part of the LGBT community who were very concerned about my entering the ministry. They see any just about all churches as places where they are excluded, they were afraid that I would exclude them. I refuse to do it.

I just don't understand how we got so tangled up in an argument over this issue. I pray we can resolve it.


see-through faith said...

I think it's partly because it is also a political question (as you say rights) yet scripture isn't hot on rights so for me it's always a conflict.

welcome to revgals. I think you'll fit right in here, and we're happy you're part of our community of faith.

John said...

There's always the option of resolving the debate by splitting the church.

I am very, very tired of the homosexuality debate.