Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Reflection on my previous post

So after sleeping on it and a few hours of reflection. I realize that the language of my last post is pretty harsh. I apologize to anyone I may have offended. My feelings are simply very strong. I am not going to apologize for those feelings.

Right now I feel like my faith, my call to ministry, my concept of self, what my role in the church will be, etc are all caught up in a funnel cloud. The difference in my funnel cloud is that instead of causing damage everything is going to settle out and be fine.

For all those unsettled feelings I have I still feel the presence of God in my life. For once I am really really trying to take comfort in the discomfort.


LutherLiz said...

I think the post is honest and true, so no apology is needed. I too struggle with how to work in a church that disagrees publicly about things I feel are important (the ELCA in this case).

But in the end, working from within to change is what I can do right now. I can't abandon the church or God so while the politics of the church can be maddening, I know in the long run my presence and those of people like me will move the church towards change and love and tolerance. At least I know that most days! :)

Songbird said...

Even in the UCC, the national church and the Conferences for the most part believe in inclusivity, but there are groups within and local churches that would do anything to turn back the clock. I find I wish they would stop fighting from within, but that's probably because I believe I'm right and they are not.
Your passion requires expression, no need to apologize.

mompriest said...

I too have choosen to "fight" from within. As an Episcopal priest I (we) are right on the front lines of this one...

My work here with "small church" has been framed almost exclusively by the "issue" of GLBT...I really wish we could move from issue oriented to people focus...'cuz I think it all changes when its about relationship with real people...(ok, don't get me started, I've had almost 4 years of wrestling with this one...)

*sigh sigh*

...Anyway, whether you choose to work in or out of the institutional church the situation remains one for all of us to work, no apology needed.

Melissa said...

It's such a hard line for me to walk as well. I feel like this is one issue that the church will definitely split over in a few General Conferences from now, and that saddens me too.