Tuesday, March 20, 2007

reflections on year 23

Well it is official I am 24 years old today. 23 was a good year. It was the year where I really started coming into my own. It was much better then 22 when spent the first part still in college and the second half confused. This year has been great. I decided to go to seminary, applied, got in and started. I preached my first sermon. I struggle some days with my decision to go into ordained ministry, but I am loving theology school. I have been more honest with myself and those around in the past year than I have ever been. I have real goals and dreams. I am surround by a great support system. The people in my life right now are amazing. The experiences I have had this year will profoundly. My relationship with God is ever changing , yet ever present. 23 has been a great year... I'm hoping 24 is even better!

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