Friday, February 23, 2007


I am worried what the world is coming to...I am worried about the generation behind mine. how in the world are they going to help take care of me? How are they going to take care of the future?

They are afraid of discipline. If they don't get their way they complain until they do. What are they going to do in the real world. A world where if your boss tells you to do something and you don't like you either do it or you get fired ( and I'm talked about things within the realm of your job not something that should never be asked of you).

I'm worried that "when life gets tough the tough get going" is only a saying of the past. In the future the saying is going to be when life gets tough we complain or just quit.

And I'm not talking about even finding another way or another path, but instead just simply give up.

We are headed to a scary place if we don't start teach children that discipline is a part of life. The they both will be disciplined and they need to have discipline.

I'm worried....

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