Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Life as a theologian

So I am really enjoying my classes this semester. I fell like I am really doing theology. And I am actually liking it. Thoroughly enjoying it! Religion and the social process ( aka oppression 101) is great and thought provoking. The class that I was moot worried about I just came from, Systematic theology with Dr.Catherine Keller. First I was very,very nervous and anxious about taking a class with Dr. Catherine Keller. But really like it. It has already in two classes really broadened my thoughts of religion and on tradition and especially about language. Right now I am just so excited and enthusiastic that I can't fully explain it in words.
I must I was very excited when Dr.Keller said that I had an interesting and really good thought. I especially proud because it took me hours and hour of reading and rereading of Barth and Tillich to get to that thought. But i was at least happy that the hours of reading paid off and I really did understand.


Living Life With Exclamation Points! said...

Yay for Theology! I'll be graduating in May with my MA in Theology, but I'm looking forward to learning more when I go for my MDiv. :)

Living Life With Exclamation Points! said...

PS: I took that quiz and came up emergent/postmodern too. :)