Thursday, February 01, 2007

Guatemala Trip, Part 2

Dr Phil in the supply room (all donations) at Salud y Paz medical clinic
Children playing on the scale at Patalupe

Swimming in the chilly volcano lake

We did a lot of visiting of medical clinics. That was really interesting to see the level of medical care the these clinics provide. Each of the clinics had their own story. The one in patalupe was started by a man who had to travel (walk)four hours in order to get help for his family. At first his village resisted the idea of him starting a clinic because they thought he was just trying to look at their bodies. But he went and got training and starting running the clinic out of his house. Soon he came into contact with missionaries from the US and he with their help starting building a church and clinic. The clinic is run purely on donations. He has several volunteers, and medical missionaries come a few times a year to dental wok, and lab work and general practice type stuff.

The second clinic that we went to was an empty building for a long time that was taken over by a former Texan. He came down on a medical mission and decided to stay. He now has surgical teams that come down four times a year. Volunteers that work there some hired and trained native staff. It is just amazing. They also do a lot of educational stuff there too. A lot of training of women about health and nutrition for themselves and their families. These women don't even have names for their body parts.

It was hard to see the amount of poverty and the hardships that the people face. Their government is still very corrupt. So it is very much an up hill battle.

We did have some pleasure time at the Posada Santigo Atitlan. It was this amazing hotel and gorgeous property and access to the most beautiful volcano lake.

I loved every minute of it. I am definitely looking into going back possibly for the summer.

Everyone should go on a mission trip to experience another culture.

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