Monday, October 01, 2007

pleasantly surprised

So yesterday I was a little nervous about my sermon.l Not because I didn't like or didn't think it was good, but because it was very clear social justice sermon. My past few sermons have kind of hinted at social justice and this one more less came out and said we all ( myself included and I was very clear about that) need to be more social justice conscious. I wasn't quite sure how they congregation was going to react. Well they liked it. And told me so, in more then that was a nice sermon on their to coffee hour. One person actually raised it in the joys and concerns, that the sermon was a joy. And this is how I know they really go it.. they were talking about it during coffee hour. They were talking about their experiences with poverty. I was pumped. Hopefully good things are to come.

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BeccaBlue said...

Outstanding! Sounds like a great, spirit-filled sermon moment!