Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A few questions

Ok so I have questions for y'all...

Have any of you been to/lead a special themed worship such as a cancer awareness service or domestic violence awareness service? What did you like/not like? Or why have you not been to or led this type of worship? Would you ever attend/ lead this type of worship?

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BeccaBlue said...

I attended a really great domedstic violence awareness worship service when I was in seminary (it was at the church where I was attending). It was kind of like an all saint's day service. There was a litany, and they lit candles in memory of victims of domestic violence. Everything was decorated with black and white. It was very powerful. I've often thought about doing something like that, but at the time, I had someone in my congregation who was currently in an abusive relationship, and I was afriad she'd feel more attacked than supported.