Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So apparently I am a little better than I thought

So today I preached for my preaching class and m delivery still needs some work. OK a lot of work, but apparently what I was saying was really good. My peers were helpful in what their critique of my delivery. I was very surprised about their reaction to my content. It helped me realize that I really do have the potential to be a preacher. Part of my delivery will get better as I have confidence in what I am saying.

This happened right when I needed it too. I was about to enter crisis mode, I was on the edge, now I'm a few yards back. Unfortunately it is the same struggles that I always have and that I know others have. that struggle with the organized church. What it means to be called to Ministry. Am I going to be able to make change? Am I supposed to make change? What is the change?

Then the big question if I am part of the organized church will I live authentically?

Like I said I am only a few yards away...

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BeccaBlue said...

one step at a time, k. the day any one of us stops improving and growing in our ministry, don't think it means we've achieved perfection; I think it means we're stagnating. And I know a lot of stagnant preachers. I'm one sometimes.

I'd love to do Thai food. Are we talking a lunch or a dinner thing? Are husbands invited or just girls and munchkins? Let me know what works for you. At some point I'd also like to introduce you to the Lutheran pastor in town who is between you and I in age and is quite cool.