Sunday, December 03, 2006


SO I knew it was coming... Four papers due this week.. I got a good start on them this weekend, but I probably should have done more.

And I broke up with the long distance bf.. It was for the best but it doesn't make it any easier.

OK well I need to get to work... Prayers will be appreciated!


Becca said...

Lots of prayers, Kristen. You'll make it. And remember what my classmates and I always used to say: when you are a pastor, no one will ask you what you got on your theology 2 final. And it's true--they don't.

Becca--logged on as myself this time (for some reason, google likes to remember "lark" and not "becca").

Melissa said...

I can pray for you, and....we can do lunch (if it won't stress you out too much having one more thing on your schedule!) :-)