Thursday, December 14, 2006

Guatemala Trip

This is an e-mail I sent out to many of my friends and family if there are any out there in the cyber community who would like to contribute please leave me a message and I'll e-maill you the address where you can send contibutions.

Hi all,

Sorry for the mass e-mail but I wanted to tell you all about my mission trip to Guatemala and give you an opportunity to participate.

As part of my course requirements at Drew Theological school we have to have go on a cross cultural trip. I have chosen to go to Guatemala. I am excited to be able to use my Spanish skills and experience another culture.

This particular trip happens to be a United Methodist Volunteer in Mission trip (VIM). For those of you not familiar with the United Methodist Church VIM trips occur in many countries and in the Untied States. On these trips VIMs do work rebuilding or building in communities, working in schools, feeding/helping poverty stricken groups, etc. Often these trips take place in communities that are already Christian, and we do not go in with a goal of converting people and changing or destroying their culture, which is the vision some have of mission trips. We are just as willing to help non-Christians as we are Christians.

I have attached a list of items that we are brining with us to the orphanages and medical clinics that we will be visiting on the trip. The great thing is that we aren't just sending this stuff to some warehouse somewhere or to some organization where we hope it will get to the people that need it. I will be physically bringing the contributions to the facilities. If you can not donate the actual items and would like to send or give a monetary donation so that I may purchase items to contribute that would be great too.

I know it is the holidays and there are a lot of opportunities to give. If can not participate in this I fully understand.

Please feel free to pass this opportunity on to others who you think may wish to participate.

I will be leaving for the trip on Jan 6th. I will be willing to pick any items you may wish to contribute or you may send them to me.

Thank you so much in advance!

Happy Holidays

Peace and Blessing,


Here is the wish list:


Each time we visit the Guatemala National Methodist Church projects, we bring supplies and equipment for their use. Here are the items requested or useful for each project, which we would like to take with us when we leave in November:

I. Los Romeritos, Guatemala City (not a GMC project):

clown make-up, wigs, costumes etc

Children’s vitamins

Shampoo, tooth brushes, tooth paste.

Creme for scabies treatment

Tylenol for children

Digital thermometer

Cough medicine for children

Manual in Spanish for craft projects

II. Salud y Paz Medical Clinic in Camanchaj:

Visine or other over-the-counter for eyes

Anti-acids (tums etc)

Pepto Bismal

Monistat for vaginal yeast infections

Cough syrup for children and adults

Naproxine (Advil or Ibuprofen)

Metronidazol 500 mg. (flagel)


Antibiotic creme


Diaper rash medication

underware small sizes for women

III. Juan Ixtan, Patalup Medical Clinic:

Diabetic test strips for Accu-Chek Advantage machine

Otoscope to examine ears

Bulk Vitamins, Kirkland from Costco: One-a-day, Vit. C.

IV. Hogar de NiƱos, San Sebastian de Lemoa

warm clothing for small children ages 0-17: underwear, socks, T-shirts and pants, jackets, sweaters, shoes (remember, 17-year-olds in Guatemala are the size of 13-year-olds in the US)

School supplies: pens, pencils, sharpeners, rulers, spiral notebooks, safety scissors, water colors, permanent markers, dry-erase markers, hole punches, folders, tape, tape holders, staple remover, stapler, staples, ruler, compass, protractor, tracing paper, Personal items: shampoo, tooth paste, soaps, tooth brushes, combs

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Melissa said...

That's awesome! I didn't know it was a VIM trip!