Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Semester is Over!!!!

Last night as I sent my final exam that is worth 60% of my grade to my Professor I did a little happy dance and had a beer. It was a huge relief. Mostly because I was really stressed out out this exam. I've never taken a class where so much rides on one test. But it's over and now all i can do is wait for grades to come out. Which I am pretty excited about because for once I think I did fairly well. In my undergrad years I didn't really care to much about grades, this time around I have really put in the effort so I am hoping to do well.

I must say even with all the work and the complaining that I have done this semester it has been one of the best times of my life. I have meant some of the most amazing people. I have this immediate group of friends who are awesome. We have really intense discussions, we commiserate about why where are here, and we laugh A LOT! Then there are a lot of different people who I don't see as often but are fun, and supportive and just great.

The classes have been good too. I am one of the few people who liked my public practice of theology class. We had wonderful discussion in our precept. My old testament class was interesting. I realized that I really did learn a great deal. Research and writing I could have done with out but I did put together a bibliography of sources on postmodernism and somewhere done the line I think that will be helpful.

It has been an interesting time with the friends and family that came along prior to seminary. My parents I think have their ups and downs with what to d0 with this whole going to seminary and going into the ministry thing. Recently they have been great about it. I think they are starting ti get it. And most people who have been through this say they will never totally get that. Which is nothing new to me, my parents often don't fully get me. However, this time is very different. I think they are starting to understand more that this is more then just a job this is more then just a master's degree. My friends are having more of a struggle with it. Most of my friends are really religious so they aren't quite sure what this means. How they are supposed to act around me, etc. I in the beginning kept saying I'm still me. And I am, but I can feel the changes that are happening. I feel that the changes are really good. I just feel bad because I can the end of some of my friendships coming. Not that they will end completely just not be as strong or as present. I'm just not sure how mush of that has to do with seminary and how much of it has to do with just the passing of time. Don't get me wrong there have been some great times. And my church has been awesome with their support of me. I truly knows what it means to have a church family

My relationship with God just feels great. Sometimes to be honest I get caught up in school and strayed away, but getting back hasn't been a problem. I can feel God with me so much of the time. It's an amazing experience for me.

So far so good. This has just been an awesome semester!

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