Tuesday, June 05, 2007


SO this is such a new place for me to be in and it has lasted for about a month now so I'm quite pumped. I am feeling really good. My life just seems really well rounded and settled out. Maybe it has something to do with the new guy in my life, but I really think a lot of it has to do with me finally realizing that my path to the ordained ministry is well on it's way. Although having this great guy in my life doesn't hurt either. It was interesting in Bible Study on Sunday we had really great discussions and we really go into understanding the history of different texts and the different interpretations. It was awesome. People actually asked for more study. Let's hope that the church I will be serving starting this summer will want some of those same things. The discussions really affirmed how hard it is to really get clear understanding of scripture, how much unpacking there is to do. It's exacting and daunting to me. Especially because being in seminary right now it means that I do that all the time and I almost don't know how to read the text with trying to unpack it with out adding in all the context and history. Daunting because I know that in 20 minutes you just can't get it done. I am really afraid that I am bringing in all of this energy and won't have the time to use it all. Bigger fear is that it will be lost on the congregation. Right now I am going to go on living in the goodness and I'm thanking God for it the whole time.

editor's note: while writing this post the current pastor of the congregation I am serving called and I will be meeting and worshiping with the congregation this Sunday


Becca said...

A story for you:

I was at a church function where there were several people from my church and several other non-churchgoers. One of the non-churchy types was introduced to me, and expressed the usual "wow-you're-so-young" surprise. "Yes," one of my congregants said proudly, "she's about as young as a pastor can be. But not for long. There are a couple of churches down the road who are getting an even *younger* pastor; she's not even out of school yet!" The non-churchy person looked scandalized, but before she could respond, my congregant continued, "I think that's wonderful. It's exactly what those churches need, a little more life and energy. I'm excited for them!"

Thought you ought'a know!

Kristen said...

YAY for a forward thinking congregant! I'm proud to be your younger colleague