Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So this isn't going to be a long post it's more of a question and I know there aren't a lot of solutions but I'm asking it anyway.... What do all of you who are in ministry do about your own worship needs. My transition from simply being in worship and leading it is quickly approaching. And I know that I am really going to miss the experience of worship.. what do you all do to fill that need. when school is in session I will have chapel so that will help any other suggestions????


Rev Kim said...

This is a great question, and one to which I'm still trying to find the answer. As someone whose faith has been nurtured and formed by corporate worship, it has been challenging to lead worship as a solo pastor and still be fed. So far, I've tried to carve out "moments" - during the prelude, during the offertory (we don't yet have a choir that sings every week, but I'm working on that, so even that opportunity isn't there). Also, during the parts of the service that are led by lay people - the confession of sin & assurance of pardon, and the first two Scripture readings. Still, it's not the same, and my spirit feels it. The Festival of Homiletics was wonderful in many ways, but mostly because I felt like I really worshiped for the first time in months.

My husband, Dave (also a pastor) and I talk about this alot. He says that it's not that I haven't worshiped, it's that I haven't felt "worshipful." I reflect on that alot.

Sorry to go on so long, but this is a question that's near and dear to my heart! Thanks for asking it!

Becca said...

not enough, that's for sure. Annual Conference is usually a big one for me, but that can be hit and miss (and this year was a miss). I sing hymns and praise songs in the car a lot when I'm by myself, which also helps. Every once in a while, I go to someone else's service at another time in the week, because I really feel like I need it.

Melissa said...

You might want to find an Episcopal church in the area that offers daily prayer services. While that's not a lot, it can help.

Some churches offer services on Friday/Saturday/Sunday evenings, and that might be another place to find some worship.

cheesehead said...

I go to the every year and drink deeply, then try to hang on another 51 weeks until I can go again.

Deb said...

I do a couple of things that "feed my soul" -
1) I keep the "Pray-As-You-Go" podcast synced to my iPod (or computer) which is a way to start my day -- or end it -- with someone else leading a time of reflection

2) I am doing regular silent retreats. Once a month, no more than 4 hours.. and it makes all the difference... Here's a website to find a retreat center close to you. Some centers have instructional programs in "how tos" and that helped me get started.