Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More about Easter

I said that I would update the Easter post so here it is. So the past few weeks I have had a lot questions about rather or not I would seek ordination. My break helped me do some critical thinking about the question. I have always leaned on the side of getting ordained, and I still do. And I am by no means at the point where I can absolutely say yes that is where I will end up. I think now I just have more clarity on both sides of the issues, before it was so easy for me to get caught up in the negative.

The lunch I had with a friend on Good Friday and The sermon Easter morning really put things in perspective. Lunch with my friend really left me truly questioning why would I get ordained when there are points that I so clearly disagree with church on. The Easter sermon answered that for me. I believe in a powerful God. I believe in the Resurrection. I believe that in the hard times I get my strength from God. None of that is really new for me but this Easter I heard it very differently. My seminary friend and I chatted afterward and we both felt that we had been called on the carpet. Are we ready to put our faith where our mouths are?

I was also struck by a very different part of the scripture this year. The women hadn't listened, they were looking for Jesus in the tomb when they had been told he would be risen. It made me think what haven't I been listening to?

So my new plan is to listen. I need to be a much better listener

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