Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama '08

For a very ling time I have been leaning toward Obama over Clinton. I like them both and if Mrs. Clinton is nominated I'm 90% sure she will get my vote. Yet after reading Obama's speech on race and on his pastor he has my vote. As has been the case over the course of this blog I written about race and my struggle with my own racial identity. I think racism and the concept of race are two issues that I feel most passionate about in my life. I also feel the connection to this particular scenario, because I stand in a pulpit every week and I am working toward my ordination. So this case could not hit any loser to home.

Obama has true vision and hope for this country. Without vision and hope we have nothing. We are a country that is spiraling downward, economically, socially, educationally, etc. I think Barack Obama can be the leader who turns us around, who bring some sense of unity to congress and to our nation.

I applaud his honesty in what it is to live the black experience, what it is to come from a multiracial/ multicultural family. He didn't let anyone off the hook, not his pastor, not even his own grandmother. What he did was name real experience. For all those who question his political experience, I say to them you may be right, he may not have as many votes in the senate, he may not have deep connections through out the world, he may not already be connected to the inner workings of Washington and then I say but all of that has not worked for us so far. All of those connections and types of world experience is great but if you lack hope and vision what good are they?

ETA: I hope no one sitting in my congregation runs for office and is held accountable for my statements!


Becca Clark said...

ETA: I hope no one sitting in my congregation runs for office and is held accountable for my statements!

Hehe, those were my first thoughts. My second were, "of course congregants don't believe everything their pastor's say! Just ask the _____ family in my church!"

Great speech, wasn't it? I don't regret voting for my girl Hill, but I'm starting to hope Barack pulls out the nomination.

Mary Beth said...

I agree with your thoughts!

love your writing. glad to read you! Happy birthday soon!

Reverend Dona Quixote said...

Thank you for voicing my thoughts too!

What a shame that Rev. Wright is being judged so harshly [and Obama through guilt by association] for about four sentences ... out of one sermon ... in 36 years of ministry.

C'mon people, let's get a grip here!