Thursday, March 20, 2008

My second favorite Soapbox

So yesterday I posted from my favorite soapbox, race. Today I am posting from my second favorite soapbox sexism. I have experienced sexism my entire life. In first grade I decided that I wanted to play basketball. Well there wasn't a place for first grade girls to play basketball. So my dad convinced the varsity coach who was having a clinic for 3-7 grade girls to let me participate. He agreed to help run a clinic for younger girls the following year if they let me participate. So that is what happened. There was no league for girls just a clinic. SO when I entered third grade i played boys biddy basketball. The coach was not happy to have a girl on the team and boys tried to beat me up as often as they could. Trust me I held my own.

Well we have come a long way in 15 years. Now women's college basketball is televised regularly, there is a professional league that is also televised. Not that either get equal coverage but it is at least better. There also many more sports opportunities for young women that not I did not have.

Well unfortunately my local paper hasn't caught the bug. They have posted the brackets for the men's tournament four days in a row, the women's bracket ZERO. Today they did run an article about the women's NCAA tournament. The problem with the article is was about how several women playing in the tournament have connections to male professional athletes. No I am not kidding! Sadly I feel as though every year I write a letter to the paper so that it isn't going to do to much I just think it is sad with as much progress has been made we still have to fight for media coverage.

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