Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sermon number 2

Well sermon number two has been preached. I had a Few family and friends there which was very nice. I did the whole service this time which was interesting, I made a few mistakes here and there about what was happening in the service. We moved the special music round and I forgot. More importantly I forgot to ask for other announcements... whoops. But over all it went very well. I didn't think this sermon was as good as the first one . It was ok and I received a few compliments on it. My congregation is very supportive of me, which is great.

The good thing is I'm looking forward to having more opportunities to preach. I'm learning more and more each time. The best advice I heard today was not to worry so much about how I sound or if I make a mistake, people are really listening from the message. Definitely something I need to remember.

Another learning experience with many more to come. Little over a month till school! :-)

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