Monday, July 17, 2006

House sitting

I was kind of excited about house sitting because it meant two weeks out of my parents house. However, as with most things I was a little nervous. I have never been one for spending time alone in a house. Even as a teen I didn't like it. I always use to leave all the lights on in the house.

Right now though I feel very at home and very relaxed. I'm House sitting for my pastor and I can really feel God in the house. My prayer time has been great. It's not as if there are a ton of crosses around or anything. There are a few and some beautiful ones, but nothing unusual. It just feels very homey and I feel good. I even felt better at work this morning and getting up early didn't even affect me.

I'm pretty sure it's the combination of the sense of freedom doesn't hurt.

But truly feeling God in your living space makes such a difference.

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Melissa said...

House sitting is great. A few weeks ago, I was house/cat sitting for a professor at Drew. It was great to be out of my apartment for a few days!