Sunday, August 03, 2008

gotta love church folks

So blogging for me this summer hasn't really happened as you can. It largely it is because I have been super busy working two jobs. The fun Job has taken up way more time then it was supposed to!

So Here has what i have been up to:
I went to Northeast Jurisdictional Conference. Yes, I am a conference junkie. But was really cool to sit in on the candidates interviews and watch Peggy Johnson be elected and then go to the consecration service. Of course I left another conference with more question than answer about what ministry is for me.

I spend the weekend before NEJ exploring the DC metro area while visiting a friend. I am still considering moving there but not for a little while. I really did like it but we still have to weight the pros and cons

I did my first committal service follow a few days later by my first funeral. I guess I am lucky that I have been in ministry almost a year before I had to do them. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I celebrated my roommate taking the bar.

I have been spending lots of bonding time with the other young adult clergy in town. Let's just there are always lots of laughs and liquid encouragement.

In two weeks I leave for Israel! I can't wait!!!!

Oh and a bonus conversation that happened today:
Parishioner: Pastor, Can I tell you something?
Me: Sure, what would like to tell me?
Parishioner: I think we have the prettiest pastor in the conference
Me: ( not know quite what to say to that) Well thanks ( I walk away knowing that he probably hasn't listened to a word I said since i have been here!)

Do women say that to male pastors??!?!?!?!

Ok now you are caught up on my life.. as you were


Melissa said...

You're going to Israel??? *is jealous*

There are other young adult clergy in your area? *is really really jealous!!!*

I don't think my husband counts as the other young adult clergy in town. I spend too much time with him as it is...

pastor to be said...

Yes, Michelle Organized a trip and I am going.

There are two young adult clergy in my town. One who is the pastor of the methodist actually in town ( mine is a few miles away)and the other is the Lutheran pastor. They are way cool.