Sunday, June 08, 2008

Annual Confernce

So it is a day after Annual Conference ended. It was a great conference. I am becoming one of those people who loves conferences. This year's was exciting because one of the few under 35s among us was ordained. It was so great to be there knowing that someday that will be me!

Of course the best thing about conference is getting to see everyone. I have been adopted into a great circle of cleregywomen. Who simply amaze me in their commitment to ministry. Plus they have introduced me to some of the most wonderful people in and around the conference who I probably would not have ordinarily met. They are wonderful group of women and I am indebted to them for their guidance and support.

Along those same lines the young clergy ( they are also apart of the above mentioned group) getting to spend time together is always lots of fun. We can come up with some pretty random and fun things sometimes!

There was really only one really really important legislation that happened. We voted for the VT portion of Troy AC to go to the New England AC. It was really hard because not all are in agreement about this happening and it will be sad to not be able to gather with our peers each year, and also to lose the richness that Vt offers. Plus one of us youngins will more that likely be leaving us and that is really hard. We were part of a handful that voted against the action. Most people supported it at the suggestion of the boundaries committee. We keep saying that the relationships will be maintained despite of boundary lines and I know that some of them will, but it will be hard, seeing how we barely maintain the relationships we have within the conference.

Overall, though it was great conference. Bryan stone taught me more in two speeches than I learned in a whole semester. Opening worship was great, and the fellowship after sessions was lots of fun. I have one word Kola...


Anonymous said...

Fun times hanging out with clergy women, young clergy, and members od the BOM who hold our ordination in their hands. Indeed!

Now don't get all "one of our youngun's will be leavig us" when you're tempted to leave us too!

Like my esteemed colleague from the Boundaries team, I have two words for you: Jeremiah twenty-nine eleven.

Becca, with a new tagline:
wearing my heart on my sleeve and my snot on Ted's

pastor to be said...

LOL Great tag line!... And yes you are right.. i am tempted to leave as well... it still doesn't make it any easier!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forced your hand about LJ. You don't actually have to use it, just be signed in in order to read my locked stuff.

You've already missed two posts. I kind of... did something bold.

Do you want to come over for dinner sometime this week or next? I'm obviously out of town this Friday and Saturday, and have meetings next Tuesday and Wednesday, but other than that, does something work for you?