Friday, November 09, 2007


I am watching 20/20 right now and Diane Sawyer is doing a follow up to her story on Camden, NJ . It really puts things in perspective. When you hear a 13 year old say they have never had a best day in his life, that is sad. When you see a kid who really wants to be in school, knows that his only ticket out of poverty is an education and they are willing to do whatever they need to get it. You realize how much they take for granted. You realize exactly how selfish we are and how much we live in a bubble. I just can't express right now the desperation and in honesty guilt I feel.

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Melissa said...

Camden is just an awful city. My college Christian fellowship went there for mission trips and working with these kids gives an awful lot of perspective. One year, there was a 7 year old that I was playing with in an after school program and she just kept saying how much she loved everybody because Jesus loved everybody and she loved her daddy even though he was in jail. Wow.