Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bullet Style

Life has been crazy so here it is...
  • I am grateful for my friends
  • I am missing my college friends big time
  • There is only two weeks left in the semester... where did the time go
  • This week I go before my DCOM to become a certified candidate
  • The field Hockey team that I have been helping coach lost in the state semifinals. They had a great season and were a fun bunch to coach
  • I have never laughed so much in one weekend
  • You need a lot of laughter to spend three days with 21 teenage girls
  • Death is never easy unexpected death at a young age even harder
  • Just when i think i have one particular situation under control it blows up again
  • I live in dualities
  • The church I serve always surprises in both good and bad
  • We need change I'm just not sure how to get it...
Sorry that some of these are cryptic but that is how it has to be

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