Sunday, May 14, 2006

My first sermon

Sermon number one has be preached, and I will never have to preach my very first sermon ever again. There will be plenty more firsts that is for sure, but never will it be my very first sermon. It went really well. I would like to say that I wasn't nervous at all, but we all know that just isn't true. A large portion of my family was there so that was very helpful. I started off a little shaking but as it got going I felt more comfortable. It actually felt really really good. At the end I got a standing ovation, which I'm pretty sure was lead by one of my aunts, but it was certainly unexpected.

I think part of my nerves during the week were a concern that I wasn't going to like it. That I would feel awful about preaching. I know it was by no means perfect and that there won't be standing ovations at the end of every sermon. That not everyone will be so supportive, but it still feels good. I still feel like part of God's plan for me involves me preaching. :-) I have to say that I was worried that this was going to be a big wake up call from God saying you are hearing the wrong thing, but I'm pretty sure so far I'm hearing things correctly and I'm really excited about it!

In a few days I'll post my sermon here


John said...


I preached my first sermon last August, and will preach my second in July. Fortunately, God did all of the heavy lifting and it went just fine.

jean said...

Congrats on your first sermon and thanks for commenting on my blog.

see-through faith said...

congrats. Preaching is a great gift and it's awesome to allow God to speak through us isn't it

will smama said...

Congrats on this accomplishment.

God is good!

Welcome to the webring.

revabi said...

So glad the sermon went well. And a standing ovation to boot, wow, I haven't had one of those. God be with you in your preaching and studying in seminary.