Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Should be Writing a sermon

The kids are at friend's houses so I should be writing my sermon I did this instead...

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LawAndGospel said...

Found your blog from checking out RevGals. I start Lutheran seminary at Gettysburg in a couple of weeks. Should be looking at Greek, but am checking out blogs. But about Colossians:"Setting your mind on things above does not simply mean disregard your life here instead make your life here closer to life above"- I kind of take what you are saying and suggest that the process is one refining ourselves. Another thought I had came to me from St. Ignatius which is " Man is created to praise, reverence and serve God our Lord. And the other things on earth are create for man and that they may help him in prosecuting the end for which he is created. Man is to use them as mcuh as they help him on to his end and rid himslef of them as far as they hinder him. We should choose the things that are most conducive for us to the end for which we are created." Kind of like a personal mission statement.

We can not simply do Christian things we must BE Christians...absolutely.